Submit A Story

Have you witnessed the heroics of humanity against the savage beast? Submit a story to us and we’ll publish it.


1) Valid news story that can be verified through original post or image scan.

2) The battle between human and beast must be either:

  • Bare Handed
  • Small Weapons (penknife, scissors, brass knuckles)
  • WTF Weapons (logs, shiv made out of coral, piano wire)

3) NO FIREARMS. Unless it’s a projectile weapon that doesn’t give the human an overwhelming advantage (think BBs, darts and that kind of stuff).

4) NO HUNTING STORIES. We don’t want to hear about how you “nabbed” a 500 pounder for the sport of it. That’s not the point of this site. We are documenting attacks by the opposing force and fully endorse the idea of “leave it the fuck alone, but if it strikes first then take this motherfucker out.”

Send all submissions to:


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