Something is going on. Something not right. The animals are mad, nay, straight up pissed at us and they’re killing people left and right. Perhaps it’s because they’ve witnessed our destruction to this planet. Seen us consume their food, pollute their homes and kill their friends to the point of extinction. They’ve seen it all and as guardians to this Mother Earth they’re waging a war.

Well, fuck that.

As dominant species to this great planet of ours, we humans aren’t going down without a fight. Humanity did not spend all this time conquering Earth just to bow down to a bunch of dim-witted, inferior-minded animals. We earned the right to reign supreme and aim to keep it.

But we can’t just go out there and nuke the whales. Nuking whales is the cheap way out. No, we have to prove to these animals that we don’t need bombs and bullets to kick their asses. Just our two bare hands and maybe a melee weapon to level the playing field is all we need to lay down a serious ass-whooping. The point is that gunning a bear down with a 44 Carbine semi-automatic isn’t going to prove a goddamn thing. But bludgeoning it to death with a log? That’ll make them listen.

Fauna Meets Fist is dedicated to fighting the good fight. Our front page is the people’s voice, dedicated to publishing stories of victory and valor. Each post will showcase individuals who took on the savage beast with what little they had and lived to tell the tale. We will also remember our fallen brethren with their stories of martyrdom. We showcase these stories to help fuel the fire as we march forward to victory. We cannot lose this war. We will not give back the keys to the animal kingdom. We are the human race, and we’re here to stay even if that means killing every last one of them.

Join us in battle and let the fight begin.


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